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CW Long Enterprises in Butler, MO provides treatment for hernia, certain skin conditions, and troublesome tonsils.
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Hernia Repairs

We perform surgical operations to correct hernias. If you feel pain or discomfort in the abdominal region and think they could be symptoms of a hernia, contact us immediately for a checkup to diagnose your condition.
Laser Skin Procedure - Laser Skin Surgery in Butler, MO

Laser Skin Surgeries

Laser skin therapy is a safe and effective treatment for removal of moles and skin cancer. Laser skin therapy is an outpatient procedure to remove defects without the use of incisions.
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Reoccurring sore throat pain or discomfort when swallowing, as well as swollen glands in the neck are all symptoms of tonsillitis. If you experience any of these signs, call us for help. Our specialists can perform a  Read more

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