Butler, MO, 64730,USA

Chronic Pain Management Policy

C.W. Long Enterprises

We at Preferred Family Care understand that some pain is only manageable through narcotic pain control. We are doing our best to contribute to optimum health and quality of life while also working to stem the tide of opiate addiction and misuse of controlled medications. We follow the latest regulations set forth by the FDA, federal, and state laws. When new patients come to our clinic seeking pain management, they are required to bring all records demonstrating a continuing need for chronic pain management or they must be willing to proceed through testing that documents a need. This is evaluated on a case by case basis. All patients who are accepted are required to sign controlled drug contracts and submit to monthly drug screening. 

We do not provide controlled pain management only; we are a full service family clinic and we consider pain management as one part of whole body care. The state of Missouri, along with all other states in the Union, has a controlled substance tracking system which is reviewed for every patient that is new to the clinic or who is currently being managed with controlled substances. Patients found to be flagged for controlled drug seeking or abuse will not be provided controlled medications now or any time in the future. 

All of our providers are trained in numerous options available to patients outside of narcotic pain control and prefer to work towards decreasing pain through many other modalities. We understand and respect that it is very easy to become addicted to opiate pain medications. Our goal is to prevent such addictions while providing for a patient’s highest quality of life. 

Currently, we are not accepting new chronic pain management patients, but we would be happy to provide you with a list of pain management specialists in the region.